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Health Content

ADVANCE can provide clinical articles from our extensive inventory of healthcare topics and specialties, new content that is completely customized for your organization or easy-to-read summaries featuring the latest industry news, including:


  FDA approval coverage

  Withdrawals and actions regarding drugs and medical devices

  Summaries of major medical conferences

  Government approvals and announcements that impact healthcare

  Medical journal summaries





ADVANCE offers brief, compelling video clips that engage website visitors with easy-to-understand health information that keeps them coming back for more.






ADVANCE offers educational and informative healthcare webinars on a variety of topics. Choose from our selection of archived webinars or work with our staff to create a live webinar topic that’s fully customized to meet the needs of your specific audience. Webinars may include the opportunity for staff members and other healthcare professionals to earn continuing education credit. Corporate or consumer lead generation options are also available.





Want the right look to go with your content? You can choose from our existing design inventory or use
our award winning team of in-house designers, graphic artists, illustrators and photographers to deliver art specific to your brand.





ADVANCE can provide content for, or create a series of, custom company branded e-newsletters that connect you with your audience while keeping them informed as you work to solidify the connection between your organization and your members, patients, caregivers or customers.





Health Library

Increase the value of your website by including health and wellness materials. Health libraries can be developed for managed care and employer intranets, hospitals media websites, health portals and more.


  Guides to diseases and conditions

  Disease and condition management

  When to seek medical care

  Prevention tips and self-care instructions

  Quizzes to test your audience's knowledge of diseases and conditions






E-Commerce Sites

E-tailers in the healthcare field can add our news to their sites to educate, engage and retain visitors. 
Web surfers looking for products related to certain health conditions can find related content, products and advice, all on one page.




Health Handouts

Keep patients and clinicians alike up-to-date on the latest health topics. These one-page, downloadable handouts are a convenient way to share health tips with a specific audience. Our extensive collection of topic-specific health handouts cover everything from ICD-10 to flu information. Need a handout on a topic we haven’t covered? We will gladly create a custom handout that meets your needs.








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